What You Need To Consider When Buying A New Production Home Build

When planning on buying a new construction home, many people aren’t aware about the different styles of homes and the types of builders. If you find yourself in this predicament when it comes to the purchase of a new home, then this article is for you. There are three main types of builders, custom home builders, spec home builders,   tract home builders. These three types of builders differ in what inputs they allow from the buyer.

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A custom builder welcomes the buyer’s ideas in the planning and construction stages of a home, whereas a spec home builder will have some limits. Still, there is a certain level of customization that spec home builders provide, in the case of U R Home Texas, besides being able to select from our modeled homes, further customizations include: Counter top materials (granite/ quartz), backsplash tile, custom light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tile (ceramic tile, wood tile, porcelain tile & more), paint selection, shower tile, etc.

Here we give the most important considerations you need to take into account when buying a home from a builder.

Floor Plan

First and foremost, the interior space of your home depends on the floor plan. This is what you should consider because many builders offer a limited number of floor plans to all their buyers. This means that your next door neighbor could also have the same floor plan if they have chosen the same builder. So, check out the previous constructions of the builder to see which floor plan can accommodate your needs. Even though the floor plan may not be unique, modeled homes allow the builder to include top materials in their home construction. As they can buy in bulk and get better prices for higher quality materials.


Every builder has a set list of features that are incorporated in every construction. These include building materials, standard features, and basic amenities automatically at no added cost, to the base price of the home. However, some  spec home builders might offer additional home features, like a garage, vaulted ceilings or automated garage openers, which are not covered by the base price. Thus you might have to shell out more dollars midway of the construction as these features do not come free of cost for a custom built house. Hence, it is vital that you thoroughly review which items are included. U R Home Texas is transparent in this regard, keeping you informed throughout the whole home building process, during, before and after purchase.


Most of the new homes being built come with a home warranty that is valid for a year. But not everything on offer regarding warranty items can be the same for all builders. You need to do your own research and check the builder’s reputation and credibility. Make sure that the builder gets the items fixed in time. Otherwise, you will be left to handle the repairs of leaky faucets and drywall cracks. Reputable builders will not only make sure that they repair the warranty items during the first year, but they may also offer you an additional warranty for another year at absolutely no extra cost. Ask your builder what kind of warranty they provide.


While offering cost-effective homes with standard features, spec home builders may also allow you to have a few upgrades for an additional amount. These upgrades typically differ from builder to builder, but they can mostly be paid in cash or added to your home loan amount. However, do not get flustered when you see a long list of upgrades allowed by your builder, but think sensibly about what you need. Otherwise, you will have to pay a huge amount in total after you get the myriad of upgrades you choose. Therefore, you have to decide on your maximum spending budget when you start looking for a house.

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