A First-Time Home Buyers Guide To Getting Your Mortgage

For a first time home buyer, it is a thrilling experience to search for a place that feels right. At the same time, it could also be nerve-wracking to settle on the perfect house for you. Using a real estate agent can help for some and after deciding whether to use one or not, the next step after finding your new production home is applying for a mortgage.

But for a first home buyer, it could be overwhelming to know about what goes into the process of getting your mortgage loan. So, read the below to get a grasp of what you have to do before pulling the trigger.

Set Up A Meeting With a Mortgage Lender

Meet a mortgage lender to guide you through the home loan process. Actually, you can start this step even before you select your dream home. This will give you an in-depth understanding of what you need versus what you might get approval for and your credit.

Scheduling a meeting with your mortgage lender can help you as you learn from the various types of mortgages and their requirements.

You have 1) FHA and Conventional loan, or 2) Fixed-Rate and 3) Adjustable Rate as the options. These vary in a number of aspects like your down payment. For instance, an FHA loan might accept a lower first time home buyer down payment but might require interest rates and MIP (mortgage insurance you pay upfront).

Decide On What You Can Afford Comfortably

As a 1st time home buyer, you will be looking into all possible homes that can match up with your tastes. But it is vital that you make a practical assessment of your finances and determine your budget.

Your lender might inform you of the first time home buyer programs you can get pre-approved for. However, you need to consider the following basic numbers to decide what you can afford:

  1. Your personal credit score
  2. The total amount of your monthly debts like auto loans, students loans, and others
  3. How much income you earn every month
  4. How much cash can you afford to spend in a down payment

UR Home Texas offers the possibility to start with a down payment of 2k dollars to acquire your home.

After deciding on the amount you are comfortable with, stick to that amount. Generally, your down payment affects your monthly payment. If you spend less than 20% of total housing payment in down payment, then you might have to pay PMI (private mortgage insurance). Experts advise that the total housing payment should be less than one-third of the pre-tax income.

Qualify For A Pre-Approval

For your mortgage approval, you need to submit proper documentation. Your lender produces the list of documents required to submit, these usually include tax returns and employment history. So, be organized and efficiently provide the needed documentation in order to get pre-approved.

These will help determine the amount you might qualify to get as your loan, which might differ from the amount you decided you can pay comfortably. Although it is non-binding, the copy of this pre-approval letter assures the seller that you are a qualified buyer.

Get Quotes From Multiple Lenders

Your best bet for getting your first mortgage in a smooth process is to ask around. Get referrals from friends, family, and colleagues. Consulting with multiple lenders will give plenty of choices as the interest rates and fees differ for each lender. Get quotes from experienced professionals who can help you throughout the mortgage process and find one that can be worthy of the extra investment.

Most of all, real estate transactions will be overseen by many professionals like lenders, banks, brokerages, and title companies and hence may see some occasional hiccups. In order to close the deal on your new production home on time, act with prudence and communicate openly with your lender.

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